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528 But if in noble minds some dregs continue being, 529 Not yet purg’d off, of spleen and sour disdain 530 Discharge that rage on extra provoking crimes, 531 Nor dread a dearth in these flagitious times. 546 The subsequent licence of a Foreign reign 547 Did all the dregs of daring Socinus drain 548 Then unbelieving Monks reform’d the country, 549 And taught more pleasurable solutions of salvation 550 Where by heav’ns absolutely free topics could possibly their rights dispute, 551 Lest God himself must appear as well Absolute: 552 Pulpits their sacred satire learn’d to spare, 553 And Vice admir’d to find a flatt’rer there!562 Discover then what Morals Critics ought to clearly show, 563 For ’tis but 50 % a judge’s activity, to know. 568 Be silent usually when you doubt your perception 569 And discuss, tho’ guaranteed, with seeming diffidence:570 Some positive, persisting fops we know, 571 That, if once incorrect, will demands be normally so 572 But you, with pleasure possess your faults previous, 573 And make every working day a Critic on the last. 574 ‘Tis not sufficient, your counsel nonetheless be correct 575 Blunt truths more mischief than nice falshoods do 576 Adult men have to be taught pay some one to write my paper as if you taught them not, 577 And issues unfamiliar propos’d as items forgot. 580 Be niggards of assistance on no pretence 581 For the worst avarice is that of sense. 586 ‘Twere properly may Critics still this independence acquire 587 But Appius reddens at just about every phrase you converse, 588 And stares, great, with a threat’ning eye, 589 Like some intense Tyrant in aged Tapestry. 598 ‘Tis finest at times your censure to restrain, 599 And charitably allow the uninteresting be vain:600 Your silence there is much better than your spite, 601 For who can rail so extensive as they can compose?612 These shameless Bards we have and however ’tis correct, 613 There are as mad, abandon’d Critics too. 622 Name a new Enjoy, and he’s the Poet’s pal, 623 Nay show’d his faults–but when wou’d Poets mend? 624 No place so sacred from this sort of fops is barr’d, 625 Nor is Paul ‘s church a lot more risk-free than Paul ‘s church-garden:626 Nay, fly to altars there they’re going to speak you dead 627 For Fools hurry in wherever Angels panic to tread. 633 But where’s the guy, who counsel can bestow, 634 Nonetheless pleas’d to train, and nevertheless not proud to know? 635 Unbiass’d, or by favour, or by spite 636 Not dully prepossess’d or blindly ideal 637 Tho’ learn’d, properly-bred and tho’ effectively-bred, honest 638 Modestly daring, and humanly significant: 639 Who to a close friend his faults can freely present, 640 And gladly praise the merit of a foe? 641 Blest with a taste actual, nevertheless unconfin’d 642 A awareness the two of books and human-sort 643 Gen’rous converse a soul exempt from pleasure 644 And adore to praise, with explanation on his side?645 This kind of after were Critics this kind of the satisfied handful of, 646 Athens and Rome in far better ages knew. 651 Poets, a race extended unconfin’d, and absolutely free, 652 Still fond and proud of savage liberty, 653 Receiv’d his rules and stood convinc’d ’twas match 654 Who conquer’d Nature, need to preside o’er Wit. 655 Horace nonetheless charms with swish carelessness, 656 And with no approach talks us into sense, 657 Will like a pal, familiarly convey 658 The truest notions in the simplest way. 667 See Dionysius Homer ‘s feelings refine, 668 And call new beauties forth from ev’ry line!669 Fancy and artwork in gay Petronius satisfy, 670 The scholar’s discovering, with the courtier’s wit. 671 In grave Quintilian ‘s copious work, we discover 672 The justest procedures, and clearest approach join’d: 673 Hence useful arms in magazines we place, 674 All rang’d in order, and dispos’d with grace 675 Nor as a result by itself the curious eye to remember to, 676 But to be uncovered, when want requires, with relieve. 677 Thee, bold Longinus ! all the 9 inspire, 678 And bless their Critic with a Poet’s fire. 683 Hence long succeeding Critics justly reign’d, 684 Licence repress’d, and handy regulations ordain’d.

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